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Sweet Root

Title: Sweet Root
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: R
Words: ~2600
Summary: Lily decides to get Severus drunk one summer night. Angst thereby incurred happily resolves itself into, uh, happiness.
Warnings: Underage drinking (? never have got a clear handle on the British laws in this regard); unbetaed, unBritpicked; smartassed narrative tone with uneven application of too-clever phrases in a fic that actually isn't that funny (what is it with me and that?).
A/N: Birthday fic for brewingtrouble, who asked for "Sev/Lily. The word Voyeur flashed into my mind". This is not specifically set anywhere (aside from "outdoors") and although I've made them eighteen and was picturing summertime, it's not really anywhen aside from that. Just call it a bit of fantasy what-if.

( Sweet Root )
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