northangel27 (lilyevans_snape) wrote in ephemeral_lj,

My Other Stories

Someone over at asked me for a master list of all my stories other than "The Alchemist" and a brief description of which ones go together, so here you go.  Please note that these are links to  Please heed the warnings and ratings on the stories as they are posted there.:

"Ouroboros", "Until Death Parts Us" and "Anywhere But Here" are a trilogy.

"Last First Kiss" and "Always" go together, and I may write one more in that series.  The new story "Once" is linked to them as it refers to events that took place in "Last First Kiss", but it takes place two years later.

"The Apology" and "A Hell of Our Own Making" are a part of my letter series, but they stand alone fairly well.

"The Gift" and "Letters" are complete stand alones and both involve an OFC.


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